Claytons Beach

Claytons Beach (aka Mindarie Beach) is located south of the Mindarie Keys Marina. This beach extends for approx 300 metres to a small bluff that separates it from Burns Beach.

Surfers enjoying Claytons beach on a winters day
Claytons Beach, Mindarie – Western Australia

The front of the beach features almost continuous intertidal rock formations, most of which are 50-80 metres wide. It also boasts an impressive backdrop of sand dunes and vegitation, measuring as high as 20 metres.

Swimming at Claytons

Known for its rips, strong currents and high wave activity swimming is not an advisable activity at this beach, as conditions in the water are often hazardous. There have been a number of deaths from drownings at the beach which are visbile from the metal rememberance plates located at the top of the stairs.

However, saying that highly experienced swimmers and surfers will find this shoreline fun and challenging. As long as one checks conditions prior to entering the water and remain aware, a day at Claytons Beach can be a fun experience.

Surfing at Claytons

With minimal outer reefs to break up the swell, Claytons Beach is a popular choice for local surfers. On a day when the swell is up, the waves will bounce off the marina wall forming big right hand A frames for surfers and bodyboarders to ride. Check out some of the videos below:

Flying Gliders

With the height of the dunes and surrounding vegitation this is a popular spot for hobbiest wanting to fly remote control gliders. In the summer months, with a light onshore wind this forms the perfect updraft for flying gliders as the hot wind pushes up the dunes creating an air pocket to glide in. With the high vantage point this is also a popular spot for drone flyers to take off and capture some great views.

Relax and enjoy the view

Those who wish to simply view the outstanding scenery surrounding the beach can also anticipate an unforgettable, fun and interesting day. Note, the best views of the beach are from the top area of the stairs, or if you’re feeling a little more adventures some of the high dunes in the bush area behind the beach offer fantastic views all the way over to Quinns.


Mindarie Beach is a 35-40 minute drive north of Perth and is located on Long Beach Promenade, Mindarie WA.

The easiet way to get there is to turn off at nerrabup road and follow through to anchorage drive. You can then take a left of Anchorage drive onto Long Beach Promenade.

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