Mindarie Boat Ramp

Mindarie Keys Marina boat ramp high tide
Mindarie Boat Ramp on high tide during winter

The marina Mindarie boat ramp is a four lane ramp located within the protected waters of the marina. There are two wooden jetties with four concrete ramps. Two ramps are for launching and two for retrieving.

Location map

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost to use the boat ramp?

Yes, there is a fee for using the ramp which can be purchased from the ticket machine near the ramp.

Is there a wash bay at the ramp?

Yes, there is a decent wash bay located on the left of the car park as you drive out.

Does it get busy?

Yes, unfortunately due to the location of the ramp it’s very popular -especially on weekends. In the peak summer months the car park can get full with long waits for launching and retrieving. However, mid week or in the winter months there is no hassle.

Is there anywhere to get bait or fuel nearby?

I usually grab fuel, bait and snacks from the servo at Mindarie Keys shopping centre on the way down (On anchorage drive as you turn left at the roundabout on Marmion Ave)

Who manages the boat ramp?

The boat ramp is managed by Mindarie Marina. For more information please visit their website.

Boat ramp mishaps!

Over the years there have been a few mishaps at the ramp with both boats and the towing vehicles ending up in the drink! Some pics and video links below:

Car under water at the boat ramp
in 2008 this car ended up in the water at the ramps

Or more recently in 2021, a 4WD ended up in the water too! Read the article here

More photos

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