Yanchep Lagoon Beach

The main Yanchep Lagoon Beach extends from the northern bluff rock for approximately 300 metres. At its southern end where it attaches to the reef, it curves to the east, which creates a wide lagoon in which visitors can wade or swim. However, because the water rushes over the northward reefs along the lagoon, a permanent rip is present in the channel. This is important to consider if one is an inexperienced swimmer.

Video of Yanchep Lagoon on a summers day

Otherwise the beach is quite safe, and in most places along its shoreline it is great for fishing and snorkeling. The beach is nestled against the backdrop of beautiful, vegetated bluffs measuring approximately 20 metres high.

Additionally, fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to discover the Fisherman’s Hollow and Yanchep Lagoon to the south, where abalone fishing is allowed. Overall, the Yanchep Lagoon Beach is a great choice for those who enjoy swimming, fishing or simply relaxing in the sun.


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