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Installation of a new colourbond roof

Are you in need of a roof plumber? Do you have a leaking roof, rusting gutters or need new gutters or downpipes installed? If so check out the list of local roof plumbers in Mindarie and surrounding areas.

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Anderson Roof Plumbing

Located in Heathridge, Anderson Roof Plumbing are specialists in both commercial and residential roofing. Services they provide include: Re-roofing and ...
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Cain Roofing

Located in Clarkson 6030, Cain Roofing provides professional roof restoration and repair services throughout Perth. Years of experience within the ...

Roof Plumber FAQs

1. What does a roof plumber do?

A roof plumber is involved in installation, renovation, alteration, repairing, and maintaining downpipes, gutters, roof sheets or tiles, roof flashing and roof coverings.

2. How much does a new roof cost?

The cost of a new roof can vary, however according to the cost of a new roof maybe:
– Concrete roof: $40 to $60 per m2
– Metal roof: $50 to $70 per m2
– Terracotta tiled roof: $80 to $110 per m2
– Slate tiled roof: $200 to $500 per m2

3. How do I tell if I need to clean my gutters?

If you’re gutters are overflowing in places this is because they’re not draining properly. This could either be because you have the wrong type of gutters installed, not enough downpipes or that your gutters or downpipes are blocked and need cleaning. Therefore, the first sign that a gutter needs cleaning will be that the water is overflowing.

4. Before hiring a roof plumber what questions should I ask?

– Are you insured? Do you have workers compensation and general liability insurance?

– Are you experienced? Do you have examples of work you’ve done or previous clients I can speak too

– If this quote free of charge? (If not recommendation would be to seek another roof plumber as it’s standard to provide quotes free of charge)

– What warranty is provided? Ask about both workmanship and materials.

– If you’re having a new metal roof installed – Ask if the thickness of the metal roof you’re installed suited to my climate? If you’re closer to the ocean it’s recommended that a thicker sheet roof is installed to withstand the elements.

Own a Roof Plumbing business?

If you would like to list your roof plumbing business please contact us and we’ll organise a listing for you.

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